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Helicopter tours

Kathmandu Heli sightseeing Tour 
Duration: 30 Minutes
Number of Person: 04 or 05
Rate: USD 1000/-

In the comfort of helicopter you get to feast on the amazing aerial views of the cultural prides of Kathmandu; namely the Pashupatinath temple, Swayambunath temple, Kathmandu durbar square and many other more. You also get to fly over the Royal palace, Singha durbar, Many cultural delights of Bhaktapur city and Patan city . excellent  beauty of mount Langtang and the Ganesh Mountain range will overwhelm you throughout the flight.

Discover The Mount Everest Tours 
Duration: 04 Hours 
Number of Person: 04 or 05 
Rate: USD 7999/-

This flight takes you from the domestic airport in Kathmandu towards the east flying comfortable to the Himalayan range and finally reached to the point from where a spectacular view of the Everest can be seen. You shall be flying close to Mt. Langtang Himal, Gaurishanker and many more tiny and Jugal himal on your way back, finally ending up with an aerial view of the entire valley. One the flying, you can see Sherpa villages, many more green hills. You will enjoy lots of fun.

Langtang Helicopter trekking
Duration: 02:00 Hour (Drop one hour and pick up one hour)
Number of person: 04 or 05 
Rate: USD 4500.00

This flight departs from domestick Airport in Kathmandu and lands at Ghore Tabla, where you begin trekking towards Langtang village, mostly inhabited by the Sherpas and Tamang.  On the second day, you continue trekking to Kyanjin; yak pastures and quaint villages can be encountered en route. Kyanjin Gompa and a government operated cheese factory.It an insightful sightseeing & trekking tour. Eventually on the third day you fly back to Kathmandu from Kyanjin village.

Pokhara and The Annapurna region
Duration: 02:30 Hours 
Number of Persons: 04 or 05 
Rate: USD 5500/-

This flight takes you to Pokhara with an opportunity to closely Annapurna Sanctuary and Mt. Dhaulagiri range Ganesh himal, Manaslu, Lamjung himal are also the mountains that can be seen while passing by the Marshyangdi river. We also fly over the lakes, namely Begnas Lake, Rupa Tal and finally Phewa where we take a break for filling fuel. After enjoying the serene beauty of Pokhara valley with 3 lakes, mountains panoramic seen  and friendly people of western region of Nepal, we fly back following the up stream of river Trishuli, Marshyandi & Budigandaki.

Chitwan National Park Wildlife Tour 
Duration: 2:30 Hours (Drop first day and 3third day pick up
Number of Person: 04 or 05 
Rate: USD 6000/- (Including Helicopter, Chitwan hotel & all activities)


You will fly to Chitwan for an exquisite wildlife experience in the Royal Chitwan National Park. On the first day, you get to see rare species of all activities including wildlife and lush vegetation, jungle walk, elephant ride jeep drive safari for exploring the jungle for exotic wildlife and diverse ecosystem. Canoeing and a walk in the wilderness accompanied by a trained guide are also available. Finally on the third day you fly back to Kathmandu. The package includes full services

Helicopter Tours in Nepal

In Nepal, going to remote corners of the Himalaya is not a problem for visitors. In fact, it is a pleasurable and exciting activity. How? By helicopter!. Since the whirlybird needs only a small landing space, it can be hired to take tourists to whichever destination and at whatever time they want to go. No wonder chartering a helicopter for sight-seeing has become a popular tourist activity in Nepal.

There are two types of helicopters currently operating in the private sector. The most frequently seen is the powerful Russian made MI-17. This is a big bird, capable of transporting 22 passengers or four tons of cargo. MI-17's can reach altitudes well in excess of 5.000 m and have been known to land at Everest Base Camp. They offer excellent utility and reliability under extreme conditions.

The other craft is the smaller and more maneuverable French made Ecureuil AS35OB series. This sports car of the rotor world is smooth and quiet and offers excellent visibility. Wide bodied and comfortable, it can carry five passengers and the newest models can land at 6.100 m. They are thus ideal for Himalayan sight-seeing and intimate charters.

Chartering a helicopter is especially advantageous for those who do not have much time to spare but want to see and experience all the attractions that Nepal has to offer.

The helicopters can be used for pleasure as well as for practical purposes: from touristic enjoyment, trekking and mountaineering expeditions to technical and scientific works.

Everest Helicopter Tour by Helicopter

Any of our helicopter tours will be customized depends on the group size & the time. please feel free to write us for any information regarding the tours.

Duration : 4 Hours 30 Minute (maximum 3 passenger)
Total Cost: 8460 USD 
Please make your family or friend to fly with this tour.

Departure from Tribhuvan International Airport at 07 hours for Lukla, proceed towards Everest to Everest glacier, Everest Ice Fall, Lhotse, South Col and Everest itself. On return leg, land at Thyangboche Monastery. Visit Monastery for 45 minutes and return to Kathmandu by 12 hours via Lukla.

Highlights of the flight :

Landing at Lukla is quite another experience. The airport, built by Sir Edmund Hillary in the by gone days, is hemmed in by hills and mountains. Lukla is Sherpa territory, yet it is crowded by trekkers in thousands, on their way to Everest country. Your mountain flight, describing the above peaks is in the major highlight of your sojourn, providing dimensional vision of the mountains whose nearness would be the prime attraction of this flight. The massive Everest hulk is the dominating feature here, surrounded by other mighty mountains in their own rights. Another landmark of this flight is landing at Thyangboche Monastery, the Vatican of the Sherpas, the world famous "Tigers of the Snow".

The Monastery, rebuilt very recently, is a "must" for your visit. The serenity and peace of its neighborhood and surroundings will give you an impression of a harmonious blend of people and place. The fragility of the environment in its delicateness will not escape your attention. This is your flying visit to the neighborhood of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. 

For more details please contact us at info@friendshiptrek.com

Langtang Valley Tour by Helicopter

Duration: 2 Hour Max. (maximum 3 passenger)
Charter rate: 3760 USD
Please make your family or friend to fly with this tour.

Departure from Tribhuvan International Airport at 07 hrs. Arrive at Langtang while over flying Langtang Valley. Enjoy the spectacular mountain view for 45 minutes. Return to Kathmandu.

Highlights of the flight :

In few minutes, the landscape of the Valley of Kathmandu changes almost dramatically into alpine country. The transformation is so immediate to be believable. But you'll know it is true. The Langtang Valley is inhabited by Timings and Sherpas. The valley's pristine purity is still intact and unmarred by the crowded modern world. The Langtang Range of mountains will be gently dominating you. This flight may instigate you, in future, to come for a trek into the Langtang National Park, famous among other things, for the rare Himalayan Red Panda and Yak Cheese, and memorable for its little markets and holy monasteries. 

For more details please contact us at info@friendshiptrek.com

Scenic Himalayan Panorama Tour by Helicopter

Duration: 2 Hour Max. (maximum 3 passenger)
Charter rate: 3760 USD
Please make your family or friend to fly with this tour.

Departure from Tribhuvan International Airport at 07 hrs.

Highlights of the flight :

The helicopter flight takes you towards the Helambu Valley, an enchanting locale in the midst of the seraphic and virgin splendor of the mountains. The neighborhood essentially belongs to the Sherpas, a race of mountain people better known as the "Tigers of the Snows".

The landing site falls in the sedate premises of the Tarkyghyang Monastery. Here in a fragile and tranquil environment that abides all around, you will be able to see the Sherpa settlement that fringe the monastery itself. 

For more details please contact us at info@friendshiptrek.com

Annapurna Sanctuary Tour by Helicopter

Duration: 4 Hour Max. (maximum 3 passenger)
Charter rate: 7520 USD
Please make your family or friend to fly with this tour.

Departure from Kathmandu Airport at 0700 hrs. Over fly Annapurna Sanctuary with landing near Ghorepani Pass to view Himalayan Panorama including the DEEPEST GORGE IN THE WORLD.

Highlights of the flight:

This flight takes you to the Annapurna Sanctuary, the amphitheatre-like enclosure at the foot of the Annapurna Massif. From here, one can look at the grandeur of the Annapurna Range in three-dimensional projections. It is a sight rather quite rare in the world.

For more details please contact us at info@friendshiptrek.com

Mountain flight by Helicopter

Duration: 3 Hour 30 Minute Max. (maximum 3 passenger)
Charter rate: 7520 USD
Please make your family or friend to fly with this tour.

Departure from Pokhara Airport at 0730 hours. Mountain Flights to view Machhapuchhre (Fish Tail Mountain), Annapurna Range, Dhaulagiri Range and Ghorepani Pass.

Highlights of the Flight :

The Valley of Pokhara is called the Lake District of Nepal as it is dotted with many beautiful lakes reflecting the mountains in its waters. Another highlight of the flight is the panoramic view of the Annapurna Range, specially the Fishtail Mountain which dominates Pokhara from every angle.

For more details please contact us at info@friendshiptrek.com

The High Himalayan Pilgrimage Tour by Helicopter

Duration : 3 1/2 Hours Max.
Number of passengers : 3
Charter rate : 6580 USD

Departure from Pokhara Airport at 0700 hours. Arrival at Jomsom at 0730 hours. Shuttle passengers to Muktinath. Visit Muktinath for one hour. Return to Pokhara via Jomoson by 1030 hours

Highlights of the flight :

This extra ordinary flight will take you to the cold alpine area of Muktinath where the famous Temple of Muktinath is situated. This Hindu temple is a focal point of pilgrimage and the route is a well frequented trekking trail. Your heli-trek will allow you ample time to take stock of this place and its neighborhood. 

For more details please contact us at info@friendshiptrek.com