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Gorkha Manaslu Area

Gorkha DurbarThe area to the east of the Annapurna are the peaks of Manaslu group... Few trekkers trek to this area, which makes a visit here all the more unique and unspoiled. The area is bordered by River Budi Gandaki and to the west by River Marshyangdi. This area is marked by two cultural highlights. Gorkha, which is the ancestral seat of the reigning Shah dynasty and the temple of Manakamana. Since the treks in the Manaslu region originate at around 1,000 meters and reach as high as 5250 meters. The trekkers will see a wild range of flora typical of the middle hills and alpine regions of Nepal . Plants to be seen around here are pine, rhododendron, wildlife include barking deer, pika and Himalayan marmots. Birds to be sighted in the region are Pheasant, raven and chough. The best time to trek here is between September and May. Camping Trekking is suggested in these area.