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Get Free Trip to Nepal

Free Trip, Group Discounts & Make Money.
Make Money While You Travel to Nepal, and other destinations and Earn Discounted Travel on all Friendship World Trek Pvt. Ltd. Adventures trips to Nepal, India, Bhutan and many more destinations.

Friendship World Trek Pvt. Ltd.appreciates that adventurous travelers often enjoy traveling with their friends or family. We want to reward you for inviting them on your next adventure vacation, by making you the Expedition Leader on any Friendship World Trek Pvt. Ltd. The more people you bring, the cheaper your trip becomes! Keep this discount to yourself, or share it with your Expedition Team.

Group Size (including you)                                               Expedition Leader Credits.
8 participants in a group                                                  50% of your Trip Cost 
9 participants in a group                                                  60% of your Trip Cost 
10 participants in a group                                                70% of your Trip Cost  
11 participants in a group                                                YOU TRAVEL FREE..
12 participants in a group                                                YOU TRAVEL FREE!
13 to 15 participants in a group                                        YOU TRAVEL FREE!! 
15 and More participants in a group                                  YOU WILL GET 3 % COMMISSION OF TOTAL PAID AMOUNT
                                                                                                  TRAVEL FREE

Following Conditions Apply
-Land costs only, excludes costs of international airfare and other incidental costs.
-Cannot be combined with any other offers.
-Land costs per passenger must exceed.
-Group Leader is responsible for placing reservations for entire team.


For more information’s please write us at info@friendshiptrek.com

friendshiptrek@gmail.com lakpatamang@hons.com.np

www.friendshiptrek.com www.nepalchallenge.com